We have many various ways you can become a sponsor on our Maine Hunters TV show episodes.

1- You can be a financial sponsor.

2 - You can barter or trade your products or services for advertising opportunities on Maine Hunters TV

If you would like to advertise on Maine Hunters TV and become one of our valued sponsors, contact Steve Beckwith for more information.

3- You can also gain even more advertising exposure by having your own Roku Channel! Develop your own business related show on the New England Outback Network on ROKU with up to 15 episodes for as low as $100 per month, follow the link below for mote info.

4- You can also advertise across the entire Roku - New England Outback Network on a 30-45 second video ad which appears before episodes run. This advertising goes across all channels within the NEO Network giving you greater advertising exposure. This advertising is offered through our parent website New England Outback Network please go there for pricing and more information for your business.