David Sprague - Pro-Staff Sanford, Maine

             I was born in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in 1956, fortunately to parents who quickly realized, "Not the best place to raise a family."  We transplanted to the southwest foothills of Maine. "Ayuh," Hogfat Hill Road, just southwest of Mud City was home.   I do remember that trip late in the summer of 1960 and absolutely falling in love with what today has become my sanctuary, the woods and waters of Maine. 

            My coonskin cap (really), my homemade bow and arrows, spear and pocket knife were my favorite toys.  Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone were my earliest heroes.  I received my first recurve fiberglass bow and BB gun at age 7. My first rifle was a 22 single shot I got for Christmas in 1965.  I still have that gun and will pass it on to my 10-year old this Christmas.  Oh the chipmunks and red squirrels I terrorized!  Not something I'm proud of, just the way life was back in "them thar hills." My parents made sure that priorities were in order and well grounded.  The church, family, and obtaining an education were front burner, the other stuff, choices.  Though I didn't know it at the time, my parents made sure my available choices were wholesome and healthy.  Sports, leisure reading (yes, I still read today in my tree stand or blind), fishing, hunting, camping, and anything outdoors is a lifestyle.            

            Thanks, Mom and Dad. 

            I've seen many changes in the Maine landscape figuratively and literally, some good, some bad, however I must keep it pithy.  I've had 42 years (licensed years) in the Maine woods and on the waters.  I've experienced many successes and I've hit some pretty harsh bumps (learning experiences).  Now it's time to give back.  Bottom line, I love the outdoor opportunities we are blessed with and,` with the understanding and support of the perfect wife (sorry, guys, I got her) and two beautiful daughters (captive audience) it is definitely "time to give back."  


 P.S. Thanks, Steve, for the opportunity!