Steve Beckwith - Founder -  Lebanon, Maine

Steve would like to thank all the Staff of, without them. what we are today would not be possible!  Thank you... You guys are awesome!  ALSO...With a huge thank you to all our friends and fans of what we do here at MHTV!


Steve has 49 years of hunting experience in New England, born in Meriden,CT in 1960 and arrived in Lebanon, Maine in 1962 when his father finally made it back to Maine after WWII and was relocated for work back to Maine. His Grandfather - Edwin J. Pinkham, was a Maine Registered Guide and my father Russell E. Beckwith was an exceptional hunter teaching Steve the values he lives by today!

Steve worked as a self employed heating installer & technician, allowing himself to schedule around his hunting activities while supporting a family.  In 2008 he retired his 23 year business, to have more time in the woods. Steve being an entrepreneur created a way to earn a living through webdesign and online businesses allowing himself to fulfill his passion and dream of being a Maine Hunter! Like his Grandfather Edwin J. Pinkham before him, Steve is now a Licensed Maine Guide and also owns Maine Guided Hunts his Guiding business and teaches others how to become a Maine Guide in his classes he holds at

In 1999 Steve created the first dedicated Maine Hunting website on the internet, which soon expanded to all of New England. In 2007 Steve decided to expand and create a Pro-Staff and began creating annual Maine Hunters DVDs and in 2012 Steve created a TV show that continues on ROKU devices in millions of homes across the USA and Canada, called The New England Outback Network.

Through the many hills, valleys, swamps, fields and forest of New England Steve continues to document the life of The Maine Hunter through life and lens to educate others the challenge and difficulty level that New England hunting has to offer. Steve is devoted to New England hunting and will not sell out for big sponsorships demanding big rack bucks, fake video editing, flash animation or high fence, grain fed hunts! 

Steve has been hunting in the six New England States for the past 25 years or more and understands that many hunters in these states are weekend warriors and enjoy their accomplishments as a hunter, regardless of the size weights or protruding extremities an animal they harvest holds! Steve has devoted his life promoting New England hunters and the extreme challenge of being accomplished in these states as a hunter seeking happiness and the overall reward of food for our families table all year long from the wilds!

If your looking for an exceptional real hunting adventure, or a one on one guide adventure to learn how to be more successful hunting in New England, contact Steve Beckwith-Maine Hunter for a hunt in Maine the way his Father and Grandfather taught him to hunt!