Steve Beckwith - Founder -  Lebanon, Maine

54 years old and 45 years in the woods brings much experience to the team! I hunt coyotes, deer, bear, turkey, grouse and anything that needs to be harvested for proper game management. I love to cook and eat what I harvest, the grill and oven are a couple of my favorite toys! I am the Editor and Webmaster for the North Berwick Rod & Gun Club and Life Member, I belong to S.A.M., the NRA, and other sporting organizations.  I am the father of three children (All have left the nest!) and reside in my home in North Berwick, with my wife Sharon and without her support, would not exist! My son, Russell, graduated from college the spring of 2008 with a degree in sports management, I decided to put him to work with me and take to the next level and go Pro and start videoing hunts to create our first ever 2008 Season of - New England Hunts DVD!  Hunting.. A family heritage.. Carrying on the tradition in style! 

In 1999 I started a family website to start posting our hunting photos on the internet, so my older brother Alan could easily see how we were making out here in Maine. At that time he was alive and living in UpState NY, with his wonderful family. Alan is now hunting in the superior hunting grounds in heaven and greatly missed by all his family and friends. Alan was my mentor and inspiration to become the avid sportsman that I am now. From the start of in 1999 old friends, new friends and family all wanted their photos posted online too, it was new and slightly bold to post dead animals for the world to see. I have encountered many anti-hunting protests along the way, but we stood strong.  I soon began posting photos of sportsmen and sportswomen  from all over the USA! With too many photos posted to count, from fishing, trail cameras, coyotes, ducks, dogs, deer, turkey, grouse, pheasant, roadkill to white moose! We are now posting Worldwide and Filming hunts! You could say..... "We've come a long way baby and we're here to stay!!!" was New England's premier hunting photo website receiving well over 1000 hits a day and today we're on Roku TV anywhere that there is Wi-FI and a Roku streaming device located around the world!! 

With all this said I would like to thank all the Staff of, without them. what we are today would not be possible!  Thank you... You guys are awesome!