Matt comes to Maine Fishing TV and Maine Hunters TV with some extreme qualifications! Matt is a full time fireman in Vermont, but he's nearing his retirement and has been also a full time fishing guide for some years now. Matt is one of the most accomplished fishing guides in the State of Vermont and we can honestly say...he's the best, Matt can put you on fish. Matt has been Steve's friend for many years and Matt and Steve had talked about getting together for fishing adventures at many sportsman shows in the past over dinners and a couple years ago Ed Jellison and Steve finally made the connection with Matt and we have already produced a couple exciting fishing episodes on board Matt's vessels in Vermont. In 2020. with so much in common and the development of such a great friendship, we decided to ask Matt to join our Pro-staff and Matt gladly accepted! 

We as a team welcome Matt and look forward to many adventures to come both in the fishing and hunting realm of what we do here at Maine Hunters TV and Maine Fishing TV!