Dennis Theriault - Staff Sanford, Maine

I started hunting squirrels when my dad let me shoot a gun I was under 10, I am now 51.  I have hunted deer since I was 10. I shot my first deer at 12 years old. I have shot too many to count! 

I shot my first bear in 1976. I have harvested many more since then, I been letting my son, Trent, (Pro Staff Assistant)  shoot them since he turned age 10, He is now 21.  I have trapped all animals that Maine has including a bear.   I bow hunt and have shot turkeys and deer with my bow. I have a camp in northern, Maine and hunt up there as time allows, my work, a full time taxidermist, makes it hard to find time to be at camp!  I have hunted mostly in Maine but have shot a mule deer and antelope in Wy and a caribou in Canada. I am a member of numerous hunting & fishing related clubs and organizations, such as S.A.M and the Sanford Springvale Rod & Gun Club