Tom Thibeault - Pro-Staff Sanford, Maine

I have been hunting since I was 8 and I started bow hunting at 22, I am currently 40 years old. I started hunting when I was young, mostly with my dad, uncles and cousins. My cousins were a lot older than Me and when my dad did not have time they would take me out. It was fun hunting with my family. 

As I got older I Started hunting on my own. That's when I got the passion to bow hunt. this was about the time I met my best friend, Dave Sprague. He is the one who got me hunting as much as I do now.  Now I mostly hunt every thing with a bow.  I even work at a archery pro shop. I have bow hunted a few states ME, NH, VT, PA, Maryland, and NB Canada.  My favorite way to hunt is with my bow if you can't tell..., I have taken deer, turkey and a bear with it. Once the bow season Is done I do a little sea duck hunting. I hunt as much as I can through out the year. If  I'm not hunting I'm scouting or practicing shooting or working on bows.