Russell S. Beckwith - Co-Founder - Pro-Staff Augusta, Maine

30 Years old and hunting since 1995, puts 17 years in the woods plus the hunts I went on when I was 8 and 9 with my father here in Maine. I learned everything I know about hunting and fishing from my father, pro-staff member Steve Beckwith. What my Old Man couldn't teach me about hunting and fishing we ended up learning together. My fondest memories include learning the art of bow hunting and turkey calling with my father as we both stumbled our way into the respective sports. Being involved in competitive sports throughout high school and college did put a damper on the quantity of success stories and I have still yet to spend enough quality time in the Maine woods to harvest that mature buck that we all dream of getting. I can't say the same though for turkey hunting; I now consider myself a decent turkey hunter and have harvested over a handful of mature toms in three different New England states. With my recent graduation from Thomas College in Waterville, ME, I have now freed up some much needed time to devote myself to hunting and the outdoors. My hunting intentions are to make a success and bring the hunting community a new and fresh look to what hunting New England is truly about. With the extra time on my hands I plan on adventuring into new facets of hunting that I have not had time for. I am looking forward to sharing these new adventures of mine with the rest of the world and hope that eventually I can make my full-time job… my part-time job! 

The adventure of bringing this creation together was started in concept by both my father and I. We wanted to bring our growing number of internet viewers a new and exciting piece of hunting in the Northeast! As a recent college graduate I am struggling on finding the area where I really want to most apply my degree. is just that place for me where I can put passion and dedication into a piece of work that leaves me with a sense of accomplishment. 

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences in the outdoors with friends, family and the growing numbers of viewers that we hope to someday call fans. Please feel free! 
I am currently interested in opportunities in sales and marketing in the field of outdoor sports. If you are looking for a fresh, motivated young mind that is passionate about the outdoors please contact Russell Beckwith.