Stephen Paul - Pro-staff Putnam, CT

From the time I was a toddler I pulled In a little plastic sled out onto lakes and ponds in Massachusetts ice fishing with my father and in the spring we would be in his boat trolling Wallum lake in RI/CT. 

It wasn’t till I was 11 years old when my brother and I left Massachusetts to go live with my father in Garland Maine that my obsession with the woods exploded. I was given a 22 rifle a tent and set free to explore the massive forest. This is where I learned to hunt in rain and snow with no fancy camouflage no fancy electronics just an old hand me down 33. 

After high school work dragged me from the Woods to Boston Massachusetts.It wasn’t long after being in Massachusetts that I took up Archery and found a whole new passion. I was hooked absolutely obsessed with the challenge actually provided a hunter. Archery has been my primary Method of hunting since 2001. I’ve taken most big game species that you can buy a license for in New England. 

I now find myself living in Connecticut and have three beautiful kids. Which brings me to another crossroads in life as far as hunting and fishing. I no longer get to wake up at 4 AM head for a tree or head to a lake. Today I find myself Pulling a plastic sled with gear and kids out to a lake or pond long after the sun has come up.